B Beauty Planet 30X Magnifying Mirror, Magnifying Mirror with Handle for Travel Mirror, Handheld Magnifying Mirror with Double Side 30X/1X Magnification, Handheld Mirror for Eyes Makeup 5 in

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magnifying mirrormagnifying mirror

30x magnifying mirror, 20x magnifying mirror, 25x magnifying mirror30x magnifying mirror, 20x magnifying mirror, 25x magnifying mirror

handheld mirrorhandheld mirror

magnifying mirror 30xmagnifying mirror 30x

30x mirror30x mirror

makeup mirror with magnificationmakeup mirror with magnification

20X 30X 25X 25X 30X

24.99 14.99 34.99 28.99 18.99

7.9 IN 5 IN 4.8 IN 4 IN 6 IN

White Clear Rose Gold Rose Gold Clear

💗Handheld Magnifying Mirrors: This set includes a 5-inch double-sided handheld magnifying mirror. Its front side has a standard 1x magnification, while its back boasts a 30x magnification. The set comes with a storage bag and a box, perfect for carrying around when traveling, or you can send it out as a gift to a loved one. The mirrors are versatile. You can easily use the handheld mirror due to its ergonomic and smart design — stand it on a table or hang it on a wall.
💗Portable and Compact: Weighing only 9 ounces, this 5-inch 30x handheld magnifying mirror is ideal for traveling as it fits in almost any handbag and backpack. It’s compact and powerful, making it the first choice for users who travel a lot while needing to look their best all the time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about moving around too much as it comes with a secure storage case, preventing breakage.
💗Matters Needing Attention and Target Users–The magnifying effect of this handheld 30x magnifying mirror is incredible. However, it’s not as straightforward as using a regular mirror. You need to hold it about two inches from your eyes first. If you still see a distorted image, very slowly move it away from your face until you see a clear reflection. This 30x handheld magnifying mirror is ideal for people over 50 years old. It’s even recommended for people with hyperopia or cataracts.
💗Gift Idea: This magnified mirror is specially designed for people with delicate facial needs and blurred vision, while using a beautiful box that can be used not only for yourself, but also as a gift for elders such as parents, grandparents and beautiful girls.

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